What is Somatic Touch?

Are you wanting a healthier relationship with your body?   Less Pain?  More freedom?   SomaticTouch is a dynamic hands-on body approach which rebalances and resets your whole body to functional ease. 
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How You Benefit from Michael’s Somatic Touch Bodywork sessions:

There is a deepening ability to be relaxed and grounded, still;  – content and open. Your whole body returns to aliveness.  

  • You release patterns of muscular holding in neck, shoulders and back.
  • Acute and chronic issues often dissolve on their own while you relax.
  • Through the space of a series of  2 minute pauses during the session you shift into your natural wholeness and wellbeing.
  • You feel better fast physically and mentally.
  • You easily reset yourself for deep relaxation and positive health. 
  • More than ever before, you enjoy being in the present,  -body feeling alive and freer.
  • Regular sessions allow you to realize your innate ability to notice and release habitual contraction and trauma.

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Freeing You From Stress

Somatic Touch bodywork resets and restores wholeness, flexibility, flow and ease.  You reconnect attention to your body in the here and now. 
The working principle behind Somatic Touch therapy is that the mindbody and emotions are all interconnected and interdependent.  The stress of past structural and emotional traumas affect the brain and neuro-muscular system and can disrupt balance in the body.   This often results in habitual tension, postural imbalance and psycho-physical pain.  
Somatic Touch Therapy  develops sensory awareness of the mindbody connection and using precise strategies, helps you to release the stress, frustration and suffering that are held in your body from these past negative experiences.   The goal is to help free you from the habitual tightening and pain that is preventing you from fully engaging in your life.
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Often A Natural Drug Free Release From Pain

Michael’s Somatic Touch therapy is the mindful application of gentle human touch to release back, neck and shoulder strain and pain and to address a wide range of acute and chronic issues.  

Somatic Touch therapy is non-invasive bodytherapy is  used to support people in times of stress and trauma.  Often it is effective in helping  people coping with life threatening illness such as cancer.   It is a successful complimentry approach to other non-bodywork therapies – psychotherapy/counseling, restorative care and meditation.

Somatic Touch therapy is easy on both client and therapist.   Anyone from babies to pregnant mothers to elders and infirm can safely receive a Somatic Touch session and benefit without harm and without pain.

A Simple Wellness Strategy                                                                         Somatic Touch can also be used as a general wellness approach to help your body self-correct minor challenges and return to overall optimal wellness.

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Michael Harrison CMT  ~ SomaticTouch bodywork in Berkeley, California.  48 years experience using conscious touch for undoing stress; letting go of the habit of tighness, worry and strain.  

Sessions with Michael help you release the habitual fight or flight stress patterns  that you may have unconsciously practiced for years.   – You move easier with the flow of life.                                       

I appreciate your business and will do everything to ensure you have a 5-star experience with me.  Your satisfaction is my top priority. 

Somatic Touch Services                                                                                        Open M-F,  9~5:30 (last session ends at 6:30)  

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Releasing habitual tension; Returning to dynamic rest. Call Michael Harrison CMT at 510-525-1250.