What to expect


What Is A SomaticTouch Session Like?

A SomaticTouch Bodywork session begins with the client lying face down on a massage table.  Clothing is optional.  (Loose comfortable clothing is recommended and only the shoes need to be removed).  

Michael begins with a specific series of moves in the low back, pelvic girdle and hips which immediately bring the whole body into a deeply relaxed state.  This basic neuromuscular stress release and the sense of ease that follows, allows blood and oxygen to circulate more freely throughout the whole somatic system while releasing toxic wastes, lactic acid and eliminating dysfunctional fluids. 

Two minute short rests/pauses  are merged between the actual moves to allow the brain time to digest, comprehend and send a clear neuro-response to the exact location being addressed which needs the self-corrective release.  The total bodymind is reset to bring itself to balance, alignment and flow.

Frequently the release of stress, strain and deep relaxation is so satisfying,  the client falls into a para-sympathetic sleep phase within the first third or half of the session.  While the client is prone, (resting on her/his stomach) the practitioner addresses specific locations throughout the entire torso and legs following a specific protocol.   After approximately 20-35 minutes into the session, the client is requested to turn supine (face up) . 


Oxygen and blood circulation is usually increased in a Somatic Touch session.  The respiratory system is stimulated and breathing function is enhanced.   This accelerates self-healing of most soft-tissue aches and pains and energetic muscle holding patterns.   People with a wide range of discomforts and symptoms experience measurable helpful effects within one- five sessions.  The sessions benefit  infants to the infirm and aging.   There is usually a five – ten day space between scheduled sessions.

The Power of  “Less is More”.

Somatic Touch is a miminalist approach (much like homeopathy – the least amount of manipulations offer the deepest and best results).   Throughout the session, there are the intentional 2 minute pauses or rests (which I call “cooking time” – time necessary for the body to reorganize and self-regulate.  These timed gaps in the process -allow time for the deep somatic intelligence to respond, creating releases and shifts in myofascial holding patterns.   Total sensory awareness and the mindfulness of breathing and hearing are encouraged while resting on the table.

The Somatic Touch Technique Offers Amazing Results.

If you are not completely happy, please speak to me, I will do whatever it takes to make you enjoy doing business with me.

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