What Clients Say…

“ I’m so grateful to have a treatment that addresses the mind as well as the body.  Immediately, I experienced enormous relief from low back pain!   And Michael also gave me some very effective exercises. ”                 Laurie Anderson, Artist, vocalist, performer, at Green Gulch Farm,  Marin, CA


For several years, I have been dealing with job-related chronic neck and upper backache and tension.  After trying physical therapy, massage, chiropractic and the Rolfing sessions, Michael’s Core Balance Therapy has given me the most immediate and sustained positive results.  I have had dozens of massage therapist and other body practitioners. In my opinion, Michael is a masterful bodyworker.  He is professional, respectful and compassionate.  He brings a true appreciation for the mind-body connection to his practice.         I strongly recommend Michael’s approach to anyone who experiences back or neck pain or who simply wants to experience an amazing life-enhancing alternative healing treatment. I always look forward to my sessions!”                         -Paige L, Phd.,  Clinical Psychologist,  Department of Public Health,  City and County of San Francisco


Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm (last session ends at 6:30pm)                         Schedule your session  510.525.1250

Thanks to Michael Harrison’s  Somatic sessions with me, I was so much freer in my singing and performance. The tension in my neck and shoulders was gone and my jaw was released… so the full sound could come straight from the soul through the voice.   Michael has a gift connecting intuitively into what I needed at that moment.  So this bodymind work really helped me heal.  I’ve referred others.  Thank you! “                                                                            – Cecile Van de Sant, Mezzo-soprano. – International Professional Opera Singer Performing in Berkeley and San Francisco from The Netherlands


” The top reasons why Michael is a great bodyworker:  1)   He has FANTASTIC massage hands. Large, strong, yet soft.    2)  He has great technique. He knows the human body well  and incorporates his knowledge with your requests to give your body exactly what it needs to heal and release stress.  3)  He is dynamic.   He provides deep tissue and Bowen as well  as relaxation techniques.   4)  He listens.   He tailors his sessions to what you ask for.  Overall, I’ve had fantastic healing and relaxation with Michael and feel amazing after every singe one of our sessions.  Somatic Touch  (neo-Bowen) is an amazing technique that for me has helped more with aches and pains.  When I have a session with Michael,  I listen to what my body wants and ask exactly for that and Michael always goes above and beyond.  Treat yourself to this experience!”  – Sarah W.,  Berkeley, CA 


“Michael was amazing!   He’s very warm and personable and I could instantly tell just how passionate he is about his work.  I felt like I was in a much needed therapy session, as he made a point to sit down with me beforehand to learn more about me as a person, and identify potential stresses.  He emphasized the mind/body connection, and provided me with tips for how I can achieve overall balance and happiness in life.   He works out of the rear entrance of his home.  (-very private and secure), – I must say that it had a very comfortable feel to it.  The massage was excellent, and he used the perfect amount of pressure to address my problem areas”.  – Shannon L.  Emeryville, CA


“Michael is one of my favorite people. His calm demeanor and peaceful studio/refuge in Berkeley are the perfect complement to the healing and reenergizing work he does.  I have been going to him for almost 4 years for Bowen somatic touch therapy on my back and to realign my muscles. I always leave on a high that lasts anything up to a couple of weeks.”  -Melissa T., Attorney

I suffer from a subluxation of a lower back disc, and every few months the discomfort/pain gets too unmanageable, and I visit Michael. His gentle touch and soft words of positivity are the best tonic I know of in the Bay Area“.  – William C.,  San Francisco, California



“I have noted improvement in stress-related muscle pain and tension, joint pain and posture.   Body therapy sessions with Michael may benefit people with musculo-skeletal pain as well as other stress related symptoms.   Much to my surprise, my neck pain and chronic cluster headaches got resolved through this work.   I am very pleased with the results and quite amazed!”  -J. T., M.D.,  Physician, Medical Researcher Biotechnology Company


If you are expecting an impersonal massage in a resort hotel type of environment, you will be in for a surprise.  
From his workspace to his offerings, Michael provides an almost shamanic feel and is a seasoned healing artist.  He is someone you hire to go deeply with you into your journey of healing and growth.  
I walk out of my sessions feeling a new sense of relief and joy in my body, as well as a rewarding sense that I went the extra mile towards working on being my highest expression in this world. ”       – Missa I.



Michael is fabulous!  I was gifted a massage from him as a graduation present and was surprised to not only receive a wonderful deep tissue massage but experience his SomaticTouch technique as well.  I walked out of his beautiful space feeling uplifted and relaxed, and far more balanced than when I walked in.  Though I’ve only been once, I plan to return, and he seems excited to not only make your body feel better, but to help aid in a deeper, interpersonal transformation through targeting how we exist in our bodies daily.  Such a gem! ”  -Olivia B.,  Berkeley, CA


 ” I have been visiting Michael for several years now and his Bowen  somatictouch method (as well as the rebalancing massage style) have been wonderful in relieving my chronic pain.   He is friendly, skillful, and always ready with a few words of wisdom.   – Highly recommended! “  – Steve N.
” I’ve been seeing Michael for massage for over 20 years – every week!   He has magic hands!  Michael is masterful at nourishing the body and the wholesome qualities which install a happy sense of wellness and vigor.  I love my body more.”                   – Patricia L., -Berkeley


” Wonderful massage!   -Robert H. 
“This is the best part of my week.  I look forward to it!”                                                      – Dan W.,  – Berkeley general contractor, builder


Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm (last session ends at 6:30pm)           Schedule your session  510.525.1250

Michael Harrison CMT  is not a doctor.  He is a body educator and a California certified massage therapist.  He does not diagnose or treat medical conditions.  Request that your physician  recommend these non-intrusive somatic touch sessions to help accelerate self-healing of stressful conditions.  Often your insurance will cover it.

Releasing habitual tension; Returning to dynamic rest. Call Michael Harrison CMT at 510-525-1250.