Call 510-525-1250  to book a session!

The Somatic Touch session typically lasts  45 minutes to one hour.
Session Fee     ~  $95.    

  • Discount Series Somatic Touch Special Prices   
  • Five sessions prepaid ~ $425.  (You save $50!)            
  • Most popular choice. Ten sessions prepaid ~ $800  ( You save $150!) 
  • Twenty sessions prepaid ~ $1500 (You save $400!)


Deep Muscle Massage Rebalancing Session                

  • 60 minutes –      $130
  • 30 minutes –      $65   

Discounted Rebalancing Massage Prepaid Package

  • Five Rebalancing Massage sessions ~ $550 (You Save $100!)
  • Most Popular  Ten Rebalancing Massage sessions ~  $999. You Save $301!)
  • Twenty Rebalancing Massage sessions ~ $1899. ($701!)


Somatic Touch Training                                                                                            The One2One Somatic Touch training is priced at $1740  for all 12 sessions.   (Please see One2One Somatic Training page for details).    

Most popular Option 1   You can PREPAY at discount price of $1360.   You save $380 when you prepay at least 1 week in advance of the first training session!                                    

• Option 2. you can purchase each session individually week by week at $145 per training session.

When you register and train with a partner who participates in the training with you;    each student receives an additional $100 discount! 



Sensory Inquiry Sessions / Progressive Guided Body Scan 

• 30 minute Guided Deep Progressive Relaxation Sessions. $40    

A deeply relaxing meditation on returning to presence and openness; inhabiting your senses and your whole body breathing.  Very powerful gentle training/reinforcement for relaxation and wholebody re-education;  The brain, nervous system and muscles gradually learn to release years of habitual stress and numbing..



Michael’s Financial Policy for SomaticTouch sessions

For people who are interested and have financial limitations, I happily accept what negotiated price we mutually agree.  (usual sliding scale is $65-$95)  We operate from a positive win-win attitude. 



Michael Harrison CMT        

 ~ Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm (last session ends at 6:30pm)  

~ Schedule your session  510.525.1250

Michael is not a physician.  He does not diagnose or treat.  He creates safe opportunities for the body to regulate itself and self-heal.  In a SomaticTouch session, Michael, with his index and thumbs, makes soft tissue suggestions through the fascia which reset the whole bodybrainheartmind to balance and flow.  Functional ease, harmony and satisfaction flows.  It makes life easy.  You shift into easy flow; flowing with life.   Positive change happens easilly in most cases.


Releasing habitual tension; Returning to dynamic rest. Call Michael Harrison CMT at 510-525-1250.