Body Matters

Body Matters
Body Matters

This  new SomaticTouch blog is named Body Matters.

SomaticTouch is a unique revolutionary somatic approach to helping the brain-neuro-muscular system to reset the whole psycho-physical system to balance, self-regulation and sensory awareness.   We are all learning to feel as good as we can, now, – even while conditions are sometimes very difficult.  This sensory aware awakening approach may help you live a much fuller, more satisfying life at work at play and in your daily routines.

I offer blog entries as a treasury of my favorite original healing blessings;  recent book understandings of what to do to return to living happily in the body,in the present moment.   So there will be intuitive ramblings; quotes, somatic insights, visual artwork, images which can help provoke inner change and help you restore yourself to simple balance and satisfaction, -just one breath at a time.     There may be simple practices for resetting the bodyheartmind to natural alignment, balance and ease.  Perhaps I will suggest a poem, a particular body movement practice, or a mantra for reconfiguring your ability to open to your senses. You and I will be learning to live fully, sensing in the present actual moment.  Conditions will most probably change for the better.

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Some basic beliefs and assumptions I find skillful, empowering and useful.

  • Life is good.
  • We are all doing the best we can with what we have to play with. Appreciate yourself, the miraculous bodymind neuromuscular system which interconnects all other sensory systems.
  • The Universe is friendly.   The Universe is supportive and interconnected.

Setting clear intentions for your day can be an powerful key in co-creating positive somatic self-change. Setting a clear intention for the session.

example:  I intend to be satisfied/content, curious, peaceful, self-compassionate and altruistic.

Here are 8 attitudes for cultivating mindful sensory awareness so you can life more happily in your present moment and feel what is actual and factual in you senses.   These 8 ways of being allow for the arising of presence:   (You begin to enjoy a real embodied life.   It’s practice.)

  1. non-striving,  not needing to be perfect, effortless effort.
  2. trust
  3. acceptance
  4. patience   -allowing.   letting it be.  letting yourself bek   Letting others be,
  5. generosity
  6. gratitude
  7. pausing  -sometimes actually stopping to listen, looking, noticing, resting
  8. letting go,  un-attachment, un-clinging


Notice that the sensations, feelings/emotions and thoughts are not you.

You are not your repetitive patterns of stress or defensive amouring in the head, neck and shoulders and low back regions.

What you think of repetitively is important.    Thoughts are things.   Your thinking and constant preoccupation with distracting yourself creates sensations, actual emotion in the body and they trigger the fight or flight stress/alarm response (based on fear, anxiety, panic, worry, drivenness).


Noticing what you judge or worrying yourself about.  Observing through direct sensory experience whatever sensations get stimulated and whatever muscles, tendons or ligaments you habitually contract, constrict and numb is not who you are. You are not your habit of gripping and tensing.

Returning to living simply here now.  Choosing to view whatever sensations  arise as an opportunity to open yourself to a satisfying way of feeling connected, in the flow.  Your living is a blessing to yourself and all things, and people around you.  Peace now! -Michael

Somatic Touch Bodywork offered by Michael Harrison CMT, – Developer, – Senior Somatic Touch Teacher

 Relax, Release, Rebalance!  Bodywork that works!  SomaticTouch with Michael Harrison CMT  ~ 46 years offering the highest quality bodywork and massage to each client, every session – without pain!                          Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm (last session ends at 6:30pm)                         Schedule your session  510.525.1250

After receiving SomaticTouch, clients report these benefits.  SomaticTouch:

  • Assists you in opening to your natural sensory awareness.
  • Releases stress of back, neck, shoulders and jaw.
  • Relieves frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow.
  • Eases low back and occupational stress issues
  • Resets your ability to reconnect and relax the whole bodymind.
  • Restores lightness and dynamic rest.
  • Rebalances and integrates postural alignment.
  • Frees conditions which cause headaches, TMJ.
  • Increases your felt-sense of groundedness, trust and playfulness.
  • Prevents stress, high pressure, muscle pain and illness.
  • Creates new possibilities for high quality wellness,  flexibility and joy in the body.

IMG_2171Welcome!   SomaticTouch helps you function optimally and feel your best. My mission offering SomaticTouch bodywork is to reawaken your power of sensory awareness.   This return to directly experiencing your actual factual body senses in the present reawakens your natural happiness and aliveness! 

Returning to sensing the present.  Since 1970, I  offer one 2 one professional bodywork sessions of the highest quality – You return to balance and ease and feel great! Since my hippie days 1969 onward, I have studied and trained with the great masters of massage and bodywork. You benefit in personalized sessions designed for your specific needs.  

SomaticTouch sessions increase your ability to sense, reconnect with and acknowledge the factual goodness of now.   SomaticTouch sessions encourage  and restore your postural integrity, balance, alignment and functional ease of being.  There is less addictive, habitual stressful thinking and more natural joy of being.  Your back, neck, shoulders, low back release;-your whole body feels great!

This return to sensing yourself in the here and now becomes a new positive life affirmative habit,  happiness and contentment become your now habit!  


Regular clients say that they are much happier after the sessions, they feel better and function much better in the present!  Work seems easier.  



With Somatic Touch, I can help you connect with your natural ease and lightness and return to harmony with the flow.  Sessions can evoke and integrate the greatest version of yourself – physically and mentally; living from a compassionate heart.  


SomaticTouch returns you to your ground of being; - your bodymind intelligence which loves, self-regulates and heals itself from inside out." -Michael Harrison CMT


Somatic Touch is a dynamic yet subtle mindfulness-based bodywork practice which uses conscious touch, presence and movement to help  you self-connect with embodied awareness and functional ease.

Michael’s Somatic Touch is a skillful tool for addressing and diminishing habits of stressing and unconscious yet addictive muscular tightening.  ST is useful in preventing and easing acute and chronic stress and its detrimental consequences on the body and mind.  Phone for your appointment  510-525-1250

P1020077SomaticTouch uses  powerful techniques for developing the body/mind connection which helps accelerate healing.   SomaticTouch sessions are a positive way to create functional change and real resiliency in your muscles, tendons, ligaments, body mind spirit and brain.  Life flows in balance. ST bodywork is a safe, relaxing, holistic approach for physical and emotional wellbeing.      ~Book Sessions 510-525-1250


What if…

What if you felt easier in your back, neck and shoulders and had better range of movWhatement?

What if your posture improved?   And what if you could feel better alignment and felt more grounded and alive in the present?

What if most of your habitual aches and pains dissolved – or greatly diminished -at least 25%?

MfhPortr1_1What if the worst was over?   And what if those feelings of helplessness, futility, disassociation and stupor evaporated within weeks?

What if you felt willing and motivated to take steps toward doing what you truly want to do?

What if your whole body and mind seemed to be clearing up; -rebalancing from within and you started feeling at ease

Somatic Touch helps feel better -without pain! -And you make positive changes from within your body and your life!

All this can and will most probably happen when you schedule a program of somatic touch sessions with Michael.

Often in 2-5 sessions, people report measurable change in what used to bother them.   Symptoms in neck, shoulders, back and low back often self-eradicate or diminish.   The whole body releases tightening and lengthens.  Muscles become more elastic and less habitually held.

The Somatic Touch sessions call up opportunities for your whole being, (physical, mental and emotional) to rebalance and come to ease.

5-10 sessions, spaced a week apart are usually recommended for people in fairly good shape.    People in pain or dealing with chronic conditions may need more.

you book two sessions to start, your first session is 20% off!         (There are also discount prepaid series prices).

  • Michael’s suggestions may include that you rest more,  
  • walk daily,  
  • drink plenty of water between weekly sessions.  
  • Also recommended is that you eat mostly pesticide-free and GMO-free food.
  • And gradually learn mindfully to drop your attachment to any negative mind-trips which cause neuromuscular tightness and pain.  The somatic touch program helps in being more optimistic.  
  • This work is truly amazing!   All that is needed is your awareness and showing up with curiosity and good humor.  

For appointment Phone 510-525-1250

P1020099If you would like to live with less physical pain and stress, and If you intend to live wisely in and with your body, then Somatic Touch may be just what you are looking for.

“Positive change is an inside job!”                                                     -Michael Harrison CMT

Releasing habitual tension; Returning to dynamic rest. Call Michael Harrison CMT at 510-525-1250.