The Power of Being Here Now,  in the Body.

After receiving SomaticTouch,  Michael’s clients report these benefits.  SomaticTouch:

  • Releases stress of  your back, neck, shoulders and jaw.
  • Frees your range of movement in all directions.
  • Relieves frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow.
  • Assists you in opening to your natural sensory awareness.  Eases low back and occupational stress issues; sciatica.
  • Resets your ability to reconnect and relax the whole bodymind.
  • Restores lightness and dynamic rest.
  • Rebalances and integrates postural alignment.
  • Frees patterns which cause headaches, TMJ.
  • Increases your felt-sense of groundedness, trust and playfulness.
  • Prevents stress, high pressure, muscle pain and illness.
  • Creates new possibilities for high quality wellness,  flexibility and joy in the body.

Relax, Release, Rebalance!  Bodywork that works!                       SomaticTouch with Michael Harrison CMT  ~ 48 years offering the highest quality bodywork and massage to each client, every session. 

Open Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm (last session ends at 6:30pm)                         Schedule your session  510.525.1250

 Safe, Simple,  Relaxing.   Most clients report: You Feel Satisfied, easier, freer!  Often in 2-5 sessions, people report measurable change in what used to bother them.   Symptoms in neck, shoulders, back and low back often self-eradicate or diminish.   The whole body releases tightening and lengthens.  Muscles become more elastic and less habitually held.

The Somatic Touch sessions call up opportunities for your whole being, (physical, mental and emotional) to rebalance and come to ease.

(*Most popularInitially, 5-10 sessions, spaced a week apart is what is most often recommended.    People in pain or dealing with chronic conditions may need more.


“Positive change is an inside job!”  Somatic Touch is the art of moving universal life energy through awareness and equanimity.

-Michael Harrison CMT

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Releasing habitual tension; Returning to dynamic rest. Call Michael Harrison CMT at 510-525-1250.