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“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”                         ― Thomas A. Edison
I am not a physician and not a healer.  I do not diagnose or treat.  I have a gift, an intuitive knack for making possible self-healing, balance and wellbeing .
A Somatic Touch session makes it easier to live well in the present with openness and less suffering.     
I help you return to your innate sensory awareness and relax.

This awareness of being well,  effectively reduces toxic attachment to thinking;  worry, neuromuscular pain and suffering. Neck, shoulder and  back pain  often disappear quickly.



  • California Certified Massage Therapist, CMT with 48 years of massage therapy training, research, teaching and professional practice. 
  • Originator of mindfulness-based Somatic Touch bodywork which is holistic.
  •  My Somatic Touch bodywork complements and supports all traditional medical treatments.  Helping you re-educate your brain, nervous system and muscular system. 
  • Lead Instructor for SomaticTouch trainings, Berkeley, California.  
  • Author of the somatic training manual Balance, Release, Ease of Being,  sensory awareness-based somatic techniques for self-healing and self-change.
  • One of the first advanced Bowen therapists in America.
  • Master-level somatic therapist with a background as educational vocational counselor, artist and elementry school teacher.

Awaken to your inner physician.   A Somatic Touch session resets the brain-nervous- energetic system to rebalance and restore neuromuscular functions of the whole body.  

Using the power of intuition and breath to help you feel your best;            – returning to functional ease.   You relax and flow.  You learn to live in the here and now.  Ending the addiction to over-thinking self talk and return to real living present in the body.   
Amazing self-healing results are reported daily.  I am fully committed to the highest quality client care.  
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P1020099I help you release and integrate the greatest version of yourself – physically, mentally, with a compassionate heart. You return to your deepest intelligence which loves, self-regulates and heals itself from inside out.

A Little More Background and history

  • My somatic approach is solidly based on the physical and bio-energetic strategies of Tom Bowen, osteopath.    My own unique intuitive approach  has evolved over the past 48 years of practice, training and creative inspiration.   This I call Somatic Touch. 
  • From 1973-1979 served as a founding member/practitioner at the Center for Holistic Arts and co-director at The Center for Aliveness and Wellbeing, San Diego, California.   While in private somatic practice at the Center of the Whole Person in La Jolla, San Diego,  led trainings in basic Tai Chi Chuan -Yang style.
    • Maintained a somatic practice in San Diego, Pune, India, Yellapa, Mexico and La Jolla, California and now for the past 28 years in the Berkeley/San Francisco Bay area.
    • In 1987,   helped provide massage and bodywork programs for the Claremont European Health Spa, Oakland Ca.
    • In 1986  trained with Justin Stone in Tai Chi Chih his revolutionary new system of rebalancing life energy and evoking flexibility, functional ease and grounded equinimity in the human body.  Training held at La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA.
    • From 1988-1992,  provided onsite massage to the staff of Vidal Sassoon, San Francisco.
    • From 2004-2010, provided onsite bodywork at Whole Foods in Berkeley, CA
    • In 1995 training using Tom Bowen’s methods.   Studied with Ozzie and Elaine Rentch, Milton Albretch and Gene Dobkin.
    • Practiced somatic bodywork and taught in Yelapa and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and Goa, India.  Taught a fundamentals class in holistic massage at the University of North Carolina, Greensborough. 
    • I teach individuals and groups when requested; offering trainings for health professionals and medical people.

Somatic Touch Training    In Berkeley, CA, I am available for private sessions and One 2 One individual trainings, and classes in the art of SomaticTouch.  


I will do whatever it takes to help you become a happy and satisfied client who experiences positive change.           

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Releasing habitual tension; Returning to dynamic rest. Call Michael Harrison CMT at 510-525-1250.