Body Matters

Body Matters
Body Matters

This  new SomaticTouch blog is named Body Matters.

SomaticTouch is a unique revolutionary somatic approach to helping the brain-neuro-muscular system to reset the whole psycho-physical system to balance, self-regulation and sensory awareness.   We are all learning to feel as good as we can, now, – even while conditions are sometimes very difficult.  This sensory aware awakening approach may help you live a much fuller, more satisfying life at work at play and in your daily routines.

I offer blog entries as a treasury of my favorite original healing blessings;  recent book understandings of what to do to return to living happily in the body,in the present moment.   So there will be intuitive ramblings; quotes, somatic insights, visual artwork, images which can help provoke inner change and help you restore yourself to simple balance and satisfaction, -just one breath at a time.     There may be simple practices for resetting the bodyheartmind to natural alignment, balance and ease.  Perhaps I will suggest a poem, a particular body movement practice, or a mantra for reconfiguring your ability to open to your senses. You and I will be learning to live fully, sensing in the present actual moment.  Conditions will most probably change for the better.

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Some basic beliefs and assumptions I find skillful, empowering and useful.

  • Life is good.
  • We are all doing the best we can with what we have to play with. Appreciate yourself, the miraculous bodymind neuromuscular system which interconnects all other sensory systems.
  • The Universe is friendly.   The Universe is supportive and interconnected.

Setting clear intentions for your day can be an powerful key in co-creating positive somatic self-change. Setting a clear intention for the session.

example:  I intend to be satisfied/content, curious, peaceful, self-compassionate and altruistic.

Here are 8 attitudes for cultivating mindful sensory awareness so you can life more happily in your present moment and feel what is actual and factual in you senses.   These 8 ways of being allow for the arising of presence:   (You begin to enjoy a real embodied life.   It’s practice.)

  1. non-striving,  not needing to be perfect, effortless effort.
  2. trust
  3. acceptance
  4. patience   -allowing.   letting it be.  letting yourself bek   Letting others be,
  5. generosity
  6. gratitude
  7. pausing  -sometimes actually stopping to listen, looking, noticing, resting
  8. letting go,  un-attachment, un-clinging


Notice that the sensations, feelings/emotions and thoughts are not you.

You are not your repetitive patterns of stress or defensive amouring in the head, neck and shoulders and low back regions.

What you think of repetitively is important.    Thoughts are things.   Your thinking and constant preoccupation with distracting yourself creates sensations, actual emotion in the body and they trigger the fight or flight stress/alarm response (based on fear, anxiety, panic, worry, drivenness).


Noticing what you judge or worrying yourself about.  Observing through direct sensory experience whatever sensations get stimulated and whatever muscles, tendons or ligaments you habitually contract, constrict and numb is not who you are. You are not your habit of gripping and tensing.

Returning to living simply here now.  Choosing to view whatever sensations  arise as an opportunity to open yourself to a satisfying way of feeling connected, in the flow.  Your living is a blessing to yourself and all things, and people around you.  Peace now! -Michael